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Next Day Pay


Yes, it is that simple! The Neighborhood Dining Group offers an innovative way to have fast, easy access to your monies earned.

Next Day Pay

  • The day after you work, up to 75% of your net hourly wages (or net earnings at applicable locations*) can be manually transferred to your Rapid! PayCard Mastercard (provided by the restaurant) or personal debit card.

  • The remaining 25% is withheld to any cover unexpected deductions and/or time clock adjustments. Any remaining difference will be on your bi-weekly paycheck.

  • All deductions for taxes, insurance, and more will be deducted from the bi-weekly paycheck.

  • Employees are NOT required to opt in.

  • Employees cannot withdraw more than $5,000 in any given pay period. 

  • Employees cannot withdraw more than $1,000 per day.

  • ALL employees regardless of enrollment in this program will receive a W2 annually.


Rapid! Paycard Mastercard
Provided by the restaurant 

$1.50/month enrollment fee
Personal Debit Card
$1.50/month enrollment fee
$1.00/withdrawal fee
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