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HotSchedules is the system we use for schedule posting, availability communication, time off requests, shift swaps and releases, and inter-staff messaging. All scheduling and shift changes that are submitted in HotSchedules are sent to a manager for approval. Please make sure changes are not only submitted, but also APPROVED before proceeding with schedule changes.

(Select each of the below links for instructions on how to execute)  

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Username and Password 

On your first day, your manager will supply you with a HotSchedules Welcome Sheet that walks you through the steps for setting up your access. If you have never logged in or have forgotten your username and/or password please contact your management team.

Viewing Schedule

  1. Login to HotSchedules 

  2. Hover over "Home" on the left side 

  3. Select "My Schedule

More Info: Viewing my Schedule

Time Off Request

Time Off requests apply to single occurrence events that you need off for. For example, if you are going on vacation or attending a birthday party.
  1. Login to HotSchedules 

  2. Hover over "Home" on the left side

  3. Select "Time Off & Requests"

  4. Select the date you want to request and "unpaid time off*for paid time off (PTO) requests, input request and see management  about executing a PTO form

More Info: Submitting Time Off Request


Availability requests apply to ability to work certain days or shifts week after week. For example, you can never work on Tuesdays. Or, if you have class from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on a Monday.
  1. Login to HotSchedules 

  2. Hover over "Settings" on the left side

  3. Select "Personal"

  4. Select the "Add" Icon 

  5. Following the remaining steps, including: effective date, approving manager (select GM or scheduling manager) , and reason

  6. You can either select full days by clicking the day of the week, or portions of days (lunch/dinner) by dragging over a time range

More Info: Setting up Availability

add icon.png

Shift Release, Swap, and Pick Up

  1. Login to HotSchedules 

  2. Follow the steps in the link below based on the task you are trying to execute

More Info: Scheduling Pick Releases, Pick Ups, and Swaps


  1. Login to HotSchedules 

  2. Select "Messaging" on the left side

  3. Select "New Message"

  4. Select the recipients (you can select individuals, or select people on shared schedules as you)  

*Messaging is expected to remain professional and strictly work related. The same standards of professional communication that are outlined in the Orientation Manual is expected through messaging.

More Info: Messaging

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