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401(k) Retirement

401K plans allow you to defer part of your pay (tax-free) and invest in a retirement account. The Neighborhood Dining Group has partnered with Empower Retirement to make our 401(k) plan benefit virtual and fully accessible by you! 

From your Empower Dashboard you can:

  • Set up enrollment

  • See your balance

  • Get fund information

  • View your statements

  • Make changes to your per pay period contribution

  • Select or change beneficiary information

  • Update your contact information and email address


Full Time Employee that has attained the age of 20 and 1/2. 
May begin deferring money after 6 months of employment. 

*Eligibility for enrollment begins after 6 months of service, and once surpassing the next designated entry date (January 1st or July 1st). Once you have been employed for one year, you are eligible to enroll at any time.
The matching contribution will begin after working 1,000 hours and one full year of continuous employment.

Company Match

Company match is 50%, up to 3% of your annual compensation. You must be employed on the last day of the year to receive company match.

*At the discretion of the company

How to Login & Register

  • Select “REGISTER” under the participant login section.

  • Select the “I do not have a PIN” tab. 

  • Provide the requested personal information then click continue. 

o Social Security Number
o Zip/Postal Co
o Last Name

o Date of Birth

  • Create username and password.

Once enrolled, you will receive enrollment and fund information documents from Empower via mail to the address listed in Proliant.

Need help? To speak with an Empower representative regarding your account call 1-800-338-4015 Monday - Friday between 6 a.m. - 8 p.m. Mountain time, and Saturdays between 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Mountain time.

Affluence Financial Advisors


NDG has partnered with Affluence Financial Group, who provides support and education surrounding our 401(K) plan plus so much more!


Affluence can guide you through the process of signing up for 401(K). Additionally, they can provide support, education, and resources to each employee and their individual financial planning journey.


Their assistance can range from long-term financial planning to simply aiding with budgeting advice.

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