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About The Neighborhood Dining Group

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The Neighborhood Dining Group (NDG) and President David Howard, a James Beard semifinalist for Best Restaurateur, operate and manage restaurants throughout the Southeast. NDG oversees every aspect of concept development, construction, culture, people, and daily operations.

At NDG, we work hard to create a place where a balance between work and personal lives is achievable. We thrive on developing talent, and building a learning environment that encourages professional and personal growth. We believe in offering our employees top industry benefits, and opportunities for advancement within the company.


Fostering, cultivating and preserving an inclusive workplace is at the core of our company's culture. We embrace all people and strongly believe in a shared and mutual responsibility to treat each other with respect and dignity.

We recognize that our ability to be successful is only possible with our people. Our teams are creative thinkers, passionate about bringing incredible food and amazing service experiences to the table. When you join the NDG team, you embark on an exciting new role and become part of a family that encourages you to be creative, innovative, passionate and have fun.

“The strength of our company comes from our fine staff of over 400 talented individuals who inspire me on a daily basis. They are loyal, professional, long-serving, enthusiastic, and hardworking. Through expansion, we have not only been able to create jobs in our restaurants, but positively impact the communities where we operate. This is important to me.

We are not just opening restaurants.


– David Howard, President of The Neighborhood Dining Group


Charleston | Savannah | Atlanta | Nashville


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Our Team

The Neighborhood Dining Group operates eight restaurants in three states under Mr. Howard’s original vision, that the people employed at The Neighborhood Dining Group must also feel at home and appreciated.


Thanks to the Company’s commitment to its people, their professional development, quality of life and job security, some 80% of NDG’s Managers have been promoted from within the ranks. Looking to the future, you can expect The Neighborhood Dining Group to retain this personal touch in philosophy and operations, and an adventurous spirit of growth while staying current with our Guests’ ever-evolving lifestyles and tastes.

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About David Howard

David Howard (DH), a James Beard Awards Semi-Finalist for Outstanding Restaurateur, is the founder of The Neighborhood Dining Group (NDG).

His culinary journey began in rural England, growing up on his family’s farm in a small village of fewer than 100 people. Inspired by his Danish mother, who was a passionate cook, DH developed a keen interest in the culinary arts as a boy. By the tender age of eight, he already declared his intention to become a chef, often locking himself in the kitchen to bake cookies for his family. It was in those moments that he discovered the profound joy of cooking, serving others, and creating moments of pleasure through food.

At the age of 16, DH’s creativity and passion led him to pursue formal culinary education. He attended culinary school and spent summers honing his skills in St. Moritz, Switzerland. His dedication and talent were recognized upon graduation when he received an invitation to serve his culinary apprenticeship at the world-renowned Claridge’s in London. This invaluable experience was followed by positions in various countries, including Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, and Bermuda. In 1982, DH fulfilled his dream of moving to the United States, embracing the land of opportunity.

Throughout his travels and interactions with culinary professionals around the world, DH was deeply influenced by the importance of treating people with respect and decency. Armed with these experiences, DH set out to establish an alternative doctrine based on respect and integrity, which he has steadfastly followed since the inception of NDG.

In 1991, as he embarked on creating his first restaurant, DH handwrote an outline of the guiding principles he would adhere to. One of the key aspects of this doctrine was providing his team with benefits and respectable wages. With a deep respect for others, he recognized the significance of offering health insurance to staff and management, a 401k retirement savings plan with a company match, discounted dining, and paid vacations. The loyalty he has received from his team throughout the years stands as a testament to the success that stems from such a genuine commitment to their well-being.

DH’s unwavering belief in supporting and empowering his staff has fostered a culture of trust, where individuals can thrive and contribute their best. By demonstrating strong guidance, integrity, and confidence, rather than resorting to threats, humiliation, dishonesty, or insecurity, the management at NDG embodies the principles outlined in DH’s early handwritten policies.

As NDG continues to grow and flourish, DH’s vision remains central to the company’s culture. His commitment to treating others with respect and providing a nurturing work environment has created an environment where talent thrives, loyalty is rewarded, and everyone can contribute to the collective success of NDG.

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